Erwin van Krey, born 1959 in Tilburg (NL), lives and works in Vught (NL)

Studied at the Royal Academy of Art in 's-Hertogenbosch, graduated in 1983.

The images have been painted from photographic examples. First, he used pictures from his own family album, which he later expanded with founded footage.

The paintings are familiar and confronting at the same time, reminding of both childhood happiness and drama.

By using restrained colours and his veiled way of painting Erwin van Krey touches upon the images we all carry within us; images that are shaped and coloured by the emotional meaning they have for us.

"One should take the viewer seriously in offering him not too many clues, so he himself can accomplish a feeling of coherence of… I don't know what."

The artist has been invited to many exhibitions such as Van Gogh Galerie, Zundert (artist in residence), in 2018, 'Investigations into the uncanny', 's-Hertogenbosch in collaboration with S.M.A.K., Ghent in 2016, Galerie 4x4, Vianen in 2012, Caixa Forum, Gerona in 2011, EXPO Brussels in 2007, De Warande, Eindhoven in 2005 and many more.




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